The Atlas is a valuable tool is used by Aggregates Manager  readers for a variety of resource data, such as locating new sources of supply.

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 Printed Aggregates Atlas


The 2014 Aggregates Industry Atlas is a guide to pit, quarry, and mine locations. The 2014 Aggregates Industry Atlas is designed as

State maps depicting crushed stone and sand & gravel operation locations; astandard magazine size for easy storage and handling. Features include:

  • An index of each state’s operations showing ownership; and
  • A map legend and instructions on how to use the atlas. 

Click HERE to view a sample section of the Aggregates Atlas.


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 Aggregates Atlas on CD



We have the perfect companion to the printed version, the Atlas on CD, which contains information about mine locations, types of rock mined, GPS coordinates, pertinent facts about companies listed in the atlas and more.

The CD-ROM contains complete information on more than 11,000 operations in the United States, as well as the entire 2014 Aggregates Industry Atlas in a pdf format.


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 Aggregates Atlas Download


The Aggregates Atlas data is also available in a one-time downloadable CSV file format.  With this valuable data you can view 31 fields of information including, company name, operation name, location, GPS information, MSHA mine id number, commodity type, stone type,  and much more.


Click Here to view a sample CSV file.

Click Here to view a sample Excel file.

It is not advised to use this data for mailings.

Most locations do not have a mail drop, and the mailing will be returned.

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